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정들자 이별이라 (Speed Is Of The Essence)

정들자 … 이별이라 !

Everybody wants to close a home deal quickly. I mean everybody – the homeowner, the agent, and the buyer – even more so if you are the buyer. On your end, you have so many things to do at hand after closing the deal. You still have to move out and move in and neither task is easy. Not to mention, you’ve already spent so much time looking for the perfect home and any delay after that is just most unwelcome.

Apart from its being convenient, longer and dragging home buying transactions are expensive. All those trips to wherever you need to go and all that time between moving out and moving in including storage rental can take a toll on your budget. That is why it is best to close a deal as quickly as possible, given that you’ve already found the home that you want.

Prepare your down payment. You won’t be thinking about buying a home or a condominium if you know that you do not have the down payment for it. Are you sure that you can afford that down payment at the Meritz? Or that fancy vacation house in Penang? Make sure the down payment is on hand and ready even long before you’ve found a house to buy. When you’re ready to get things signed and sealed, at least you just need to get this out of the safe and onto your mortgage lender.

Inform your mortgage lender as soon as you’ve found the right house. This is the most practical way to do things: Get signed up and approved for a mortgage to know how much you can afford on a monthly, look for a house, and then inform your lender/bank that you’ve found the right house. Granting that you’ve gone through the first two steps, do not waste any minute getting the last step done. Your mortgage lender will have you

Find a good lawyer early on. As soon as you start your house hunt, find yourself a good lawyer too. You cannot do without a lawyer and in fact, they might be the make or break of your home purchasing endeavor. So make sure you have a lawyer – and a good one at that – to make sure he’s one call away when you’ve finally found the right house to buy.

Always have extra cash ready for other closing costs. While you can opt to include your closing costs in the monthly mortgage fees, there are costs that just could not be included in it. Do not let these surprise fees catch you unguarded; always have the backup cash to handle these kinds of needs.  Also, get a good faith estimate that includes the closing costs as early as possible so you know how much cash you might need to close the deal.

Don’t wait for “tomorrow” or “later” to do things. Do not attract delays by delaying your actions. Act swiftly and at once as soon as you’ve made the decision. Sign whatever needs to be signed, bring all the papers to the table when they are needed, be where you need to be all the time. Procrastination is your biggest enemy here. Don’t let it win over you.

Lastly, always be a nice customer to your mortgage lender and a friendly buyer to the home seller and their agent; trust me, they’ll be more than happy to help you only for being kind.

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