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Danger… 나무만 보고 숲을 보지 않는다

Have you always wanted to buy real estate in other countries (apart from Korea and Malaysia), so that you can spend your holidays there with your family? I know I do. :D After all, 나무만 보고 숲을 보지 않는다. Here are several reasons why it would be a good idea to do so:

For starters, you will be able to enjoy the history, culture, beauty and sights of another country. Besides, if you buy real estate in another country, then you can spend more time getting to know the country and its people more. This will also help satisfy your curiosity about the place and what it has to offer as a whole.

 If you are a lover of certain activities that isn’t readily available in the country that you currently live in, then you can spend more time focusing on that pastime or hobby, or even develop brand new passions in another country. You can focus on skiing, fishing, golfing, hiking or simply being pampered, in general. The choice is yours.

If you happen to have a lot of friends and relatives spread out in a certain country, then owning a property there would be a great way to let all of you come together and relax while in each other’s company every now and then.

If you have children, then you might want to buy real estate in a safer country, where your kids can focus on various outdoor activities, learn, grow, develop and experience different things overall.

If you buy a second home abroad, you can take a baby step on a journey to work or live in a country that you are actually interested in – a country that might have a lot of opportunities in store for you. Just remember to know when is the best time to buy real estate and research about a country. Conversely, you can also spend your vacations there and just feel out whether it would be a good idea to move there permanently one day.

아무리 애를 써도 벗어날 수 없는 처지의 비유.

If you aren’t exactly sure if you will be able to use a home abroad yet, then don’t worry. You can still rent the property out when it isn’t in use and get enough income from it to pay for the mortgage and fund your trip to the place a couple of times a year. How great is that?

 If you happen to love improving homes (see this), then you can also take the challenge of purchasing a rural rundown place overseas and then restore it to its glory or make it even better than it once was. Either way, if you want to spend time abroad in a house that you can call your own, you shouldn’t let anything or anyone hold you back from doing so.

Yes, real estate tends to be a good investment overall. However, if you buy real estate overseas, you can invest in a capital appreciating and enjoyable asset that can help set things up for your retirement in the long run, as well. 여러 대상이 모두 보잘것없어 비교할 만한 상태가 아닌데도 굳이 낫고 못함을 따져서 가리려 한다는 말. If you are already close to retirement, then buying a vacation real estate overseas in a country that has an affordable cost of living and a great climate can be the first step that you take to retiring abroad.

- M.H.L. :)

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