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Ideal Korean Family Home (작은 고추가 맵다 !)

A few days ago someone emailed me asking about investment opportunities for the Asian community here in Traverse City. The email sender is Malaysian, and in exchange for some real estate tips in Michigan, he ended up giving me real estate tips if ever I plan on buying property in Malaysia. Apparently, houses in Malaysia are built with the family size in mind—since most Malaysian families have a lot of members, (콧대를 꺾다) a spacious and large house is necessary.


As it is universal, buying as a retiree is also a different story. Choosing between a house or a condo though, is relatively easier. Retirees would opt to buy a house rather than a condo– it’s more appropriate and gives off a more homey feeling. But remember, you have to buy a house that suits your needs, your budget and the needs of everyone else you are going to live with.

When buying a family house, the foremost consideration that I have noticed among parents is how convenient the house would be for the kids. And that is only right. After all, kids take a longer time to adjust to a new place. That, and the fact that we will have to make everything convenient, practical, and easy for them.

If you’re looking for a typical “Korean” family house, here are some things you would have to consider:

  • Location

A good gauge of location for a family home is proximity to basic facilities – schools, ballparks, hospitals, and supermarkets among others. Mont Kiara and KLCC districts, according to our anonymous email sender, are perfect locations in Kuala Lumpur because they are convenient and can be accessed easily.

If you are moving to a new place and it would be impossible to keep your old job while you’re in the new house, make sure you have a number of available job options in your new place. You cannot risk moving your entire brood over without an assurance of a job that will pay the home utilities. Another important thing– time your buyout of a new property– find tips here on this article I’ve written for this blog.

  • Size of House

The size of the house should depend largely on the number of kids you have. Ideally, each kid should get a room. Bigger families usually get creative with maximizing their home space by turning their attics and basements into bedrooms altogether.

Your property should have a good size of yard for the kids to play around. This is the foremost reason why parents choose to leave the city for the suburbs because suburban houses get more space around it.

It would also be good if your house has two bathrooms outside of the bathroom in the master’s bedroom. Especially if you have more than two school-aged children, getting ready in the morning would not be too difficult if you have enough number of baths to accommodate everyone. Singles and small families would love KLCC apartments, because they offer convenience and practicality because of its fairly-priced condominiums.

  • Neighborhood

Studies and history suggest that your neighborhood has a great influence on your children. As much as possible, choose a neighborhood with a good reputation. The last thing you want is for your kids to hang around with gang members, muggers and bad influences. 첫술에 배부르랴?

It would also be generally safer and more ideal if the houses in the area are spaced just right, and by that we mean, you should not see your next door neighbor while she’s making her morning pancakes (콩가루 집안이다).

  • Safety

General safety includes safety in public roads and safety from lawless elements. Try to find out from the internet or from people in the area how the security status of the area is.

You can increase your home’s security by installing a home alarm system if the house you are buying does not yet have it.

  • Transportation

A good family house should not be too difficult to access via public transport or too far from the bus stops. That, or you would have to invest in vehicles and driving the kids around everywhere. 잠을 자야 꿈을 꾸지!

Hope you learned a lot from my post here at NoDutDol. I love receiving emails so don’t be shy and just send them in at mhl@nodutdol.com. Talk soon :-D


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