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개똥(쇠똥)도 약에 쓰려면 없다 … Instead, Be The Right Buyer!

Home buying is never simply about giving the right price for the home. Sometimes, even the people who offer the best and highest price on the table do not get the home for some other reasons.  Homeowners use their ‘feels’ too. Often, people forget that 웃는 낯에 침 뱉으랴 ! It’s ridiculous!

There is never really a generic way to become the ‘right’ buyer. After all, each homeowner thinks differently. But there are, somehow, ways on how to become a good buyer – the kind that homeowners would generally like and would more than likely get the deal on the house.

Here are some tips on how to become the ‘right’ buyer:

  • Find time to personally communicate with the homeowner. Most home buyers do this by mail with an offer letter. However, to fully get that ‘human connection’ with the homeowner, send a more personalized offer letter. Tell her about how excited you are about the thought of living in their home, talk about your family. Basically, get to her ‘feels’. A purely businesslike letter is too impersonal and would be thus taken impersonally too.
  • Send a small token. No, you don’t need to go overboard and send her the most expensive champagne or send her jewelry. Go for simple but touching, something homey. Maybe that aromatherapy candle you’ve bought her will be the icing on the cake in her  apartment. :) A box of brownies or cupcakes or maybe even cookies with a handwritten note will likely be well appreciated. Gifts like this touch at the heart of the homeowner; home-baked goodies are some sort of a homeowner-to-homeowner kind of thing. 과부 사정 홀아비가 안다 !
  • Negotiate with caution. Many home buyers fail to get their prospected home because they negotiate too much. When negotiating, consult your real estate agent and always give a price range – never a hard amount. Do not annoy your homeowner by bargaining carelessly. Always know your boundaries, know when to go further and when you’ve gone far enough.
  • Visit the home yourself. See if you need to do some home improvements in the future. Give your homeowner a call ahead and ask if you can go see the house and talk to them yourself. Seeing the house yourself and taking that kind of personal effort to meet the homeowners yourself will help make the homeowners feel like you are intent on being ‘friends’ with the homeowners. Practice your manners though – always give a call ahead to check their availability and if they’re comfortable about the idea of you visiting them in their house. Don’t be openly critical about the home either! (Oh, and while you’re at it, don’t talk about the price or try to negotiate. Don’t make it look like you’re faking friendliness to get a good bargain).
  • Be cooperative. Don’t make the homeowners wait too long. If they need something from you, if they need you to sign or submit something, or they need to talk to you – always find the time. Them giving you a call is always a good indication that they are likely to give you the deal so by all means, make yourself available.
  • Be realistic. Don’t offer RM5,000,000 for a posh Setia Sky Residences apartment in KLCC. On the other hand, if you’re paying more than RM1,000,001 for Gangnam then you’re just a sucker! 하늘에서 별 따기 :)

Displaying the right conduct and the right attitudes towards the homeowner will win you the house, and if you’re lucky, at your ideal price. Being nice takes you far after all. 친구 따라 강남 간다 !!!

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