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개천에서 용 난다 … Great On A Budget


We here at NoDutDol truly value your need to budget– come on, let’s face it– times are hard! You’re not alone in traversing that long and winding road of economic hardship! 거지도 부지런하면 더운 밥 얻어 먹는다 !

We’ve given you a lot of tips on how to stretch that won or dollar or ringgit down to the maximum– just read our previous article that where we have talked about how to rent an apartment on a tight budget. So what’s next?

Probably you’ve upped the ante and found yourself a nice apartment overlooking KLCC (cough, Hampshire Place ,cough), after working your hardest for the last year. Well, congratulations– it’s time to move out of your old, dull place and start anew in a place so much better than your current one.

The agony of finding a home and closing a deal as well as selling your old house is pretty much over. Now all you’re left with is to move your bum out of the house – which happens to be more tedious and more stressful than buying or selling a house. On top of the usual pains of hard, physical labor of packing and transporting and unpacking, the most difficult part about moving houses is the expense.

You’ve paid much for your new house that practically everything you’ve sold from your old house went for your new place’s down payment. The closing costs were cringe-worthy. Needless to say, your move was painful to your pocket. How do you make the moving part a little bit less financially straining? What can you possibly do to squeeze in as little an amount as possible on your move? Here are some tips:

  • Sort your stuff out. Some things you absolutely need, some you just partly need, and others, you can live without. Further, sort your ‘can live without’ stuff into ‘sell’, ‘donate’ and ‘throw away’ items. A mini moving out yard sale can add a significant amount of cash and take off a great deal of load for your move.
moving Don’t let moving get you down– or burn your pockets.
  • Utilize old cardboard boxes. You don’t need to buy new boxes for your move. Run to friends and family for cardboard boxes that are lying uselessly in their attics. Go to the liquor store and buy their old cartons for cheap – this will save you heaps of cash compared to buying new plastic boxes or cardboard boxes from the moving company.
  • Pack efficiently. You would not want to pack your baby’s stuff with the bed covers! Pro packing services will cost you a lot. There are tons of online tutorials about efficient packing, and really, it just takes some good amount of planning. List all the things you’re taking to the new house, sort them together and put like things in similar boxes. Your immediate needs – kitchen utensils, two days’ worth of clothes, ready-to-eat’s – put them in one box, and put them in your car trunk. That’ll make them very easy to access.
  • Don’t move everything in one day. It may be more efficient to move your things in batches, one week after another. This will save you all the compacted stresses of a day’s move plus it gives you a chance to move to a partly settled home by the last batch of things to move.
  • Carry what you can. Decide whether you really need a moving truck for your move. Moving trucks and pro movers cost a fortune so you may want to rethink the hire if you’re a little tight on the budget. Implore the help of your friends and family in exchange for a good meal when you’re fully settled and pay for their gas too. That’s a whole lot cheaper!
  • Compare movers’ prices. If a moving company is inevitable, at least do not be lazy on the comparisons. Compare as many companies as you can and utilize coupons online.
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